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A filled out Sign Up E-Form, or an emailed scanned Entry Form, along with an online payment, is a preferred way of accepting entries. Mailed in pre-entries , along with a payment via a check, are also an accepted entry.  Make sure to mail your entry in a timely manner, so that it is received by the show management by the Entry Deadline. Entries are limited on a “first come, first serve” basis. Entries for special events and jackpots will be one hour before the event at the show office. Entries may be limited in Cattle Classes.

Classes may be added the day of the show at the discretion of the show secretary. Absolutely no entries will be taken once the class has started.

Clinic participants who have never shown with the Association in the past will receive 1 free class entry on the same day or day after (if applicable). If a cattle class is entered the participant must pay the cattle charge.

No horse can be shown two times within the same class. Any reported violation of division eligibility will be reviewed by the event management. If horse and/or rider are found to be in violation, they may be barred from further events and any awards may be forfeited.

Any false or misrepresented statement on application or entry shall constitute unsportsmanlike conduct and will subject the applicant, exhibitor, and/or owner of the horse to disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the management of the event.


Entries deadline will be the close of business 5 days (or as specified on each event’s show bill) preceding the show. Entries taken after the deadline will be assessed a $10 per each class surcharge. The only exception is for an exhibitor who has never shown with SESHA. This will allow event management to obtain an accurate count of the total cattle needed for the successful completion of the event as well as secure the participant’s “spot” and prevent office work overload. 


  • All scratches must be received in the SESHA Office by Wednesday 12:00PM, the week of the show. Any scratches made after Wednesday 12:00PM the week of the show will be charged the Cattle Fee and Office Charge. Riders who enter but do not show up and do not scratch will be charged the Cattle Fee and Office Charge.

  • Once a rider has checked in and received their back number, no refunds are given.

  • Clinic cancellations must be received by Wednesday 12:00PM (week of clinic) in order to fill empty spots from the Wait List. SESHA organizers will do their best to try and fill any cancellations. Cancellations after the Wednesday deadline will be refunded if the slot is filled. Clinic no-shows will be billed the entire clinic fee.



All patterns will be posted 1-3 days prior to the show date via social media.




 Entry Fees for each class will be $30 per class, with a $10 discount for Youth division, a $10 discount for Novice Division, plus an office charge of $20 per horse.

Cattle charge for Working Cow Horse classes may vary due to varying cost to the show management.

Annual Membership fee is $40 for adult and for youth.

Stall rental, RV hook-ups and shavings fee will be site specific. (Please see entry form for details)


Jackpots may be offered the weekend of the show are independent of the show and not point counting. The jackpots may vary in entry fees based on the particular jackpot. The fees will be comprised of an office charge and a jackpot fee (paid back 70% - from which 60% to class winner and 40% to second place) and a cattle charge if applicable.